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Hello! I'm Ily, Mom to 4, Holistic Health Practitioner, Content Creator, Writer, Speaker and Mental Health Advocate.


Life is an amazing ride and I love that I have found my calling with what I can provide families with today. It is from my own experiences that I found natural therapies and have the desire to improve and support education regarding mental/emotional wellness. I continue to learn from my own experiences as well as the experiences of people I meet every day. Physical, spiritual and emotional healing are not on a linear time frame. Awakenings come in cycles, ebbs, flows and the healing between body/mind/spirit are ultimately connected to one another. Viewing our body as a whole means considering the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of a person; You cannot affect one without effecting another. This is how I approach every day relationships.​

My awareness of Spirit's messages began when I was very young and grew stronger in my adolescence. Seeing images, faces, colors and hearing clear words or music are just some of my experiences. During my first pregnancy my soul purpose began to unfold and show itself more clearly to me. Inspired, I began training as a holistic health practitioner in integrated bodywork and found the healing art of Reiki. I immediately felt the positive effects and fell in love with learning how to focus universal life force energy with positive intention to cleanse, balance and replenish myself and others. This discovery heightened my spiritual awareness and in the process connected me consciously with my guides and ancestors. I decided to further my path with Reiki and walk the path of Reiki Master. A journey that brought me deep into becoming aware of my shadow self. During this time I was called to work with women and families during the perinatal cycle. I became a pregnancy and birth doula and supported many families in the Southern California area. A sacred experience that I am so honored to have been a part of. 


 After my own next 3 pregnancies and births I found myself standing before the core of my souls purpose. Healing the mother wound. This work brought forth the opportunity to choose to heal ancestral traumas so that I could pave a new path for future generations. No easy task! But absolutely worth it and I choose to do the work every day through holistic tools, self love, self care and self awareness. I am grateful for where I am today and for the difficult dark night of soul experiences that I once felt impossible to overcome. Choosing to become a Reiki Master is a choice to walk the path of continuous learning and expansion. Masters are life long dedicated students of a practice who've chosen to live by the principles of their healing art. 

I am passionate about personal empowerment, personal development, and self mastery. Where you come from does not define who you are today. Your past experiences are simply ingredients that were necessary for your growth and transformation. I love empowering my clients to believe in themselves, to discover their soul purpose and to help them reach their goals.  

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